Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Fun with photo editing

Adin will be seven months old tomorrow... it literally seems like yesterday that he turned 6 months! Anyways, I decided to have a little fun with the camera, and then with photo editing. I don't have any sort of fancy editing software, but I had a lot of fun none the less. I just have the HP Photosmart, which came with my printer, and then I used Picnik, which is an online editing program (partner of flickr)

So I know that I admitted it when I created this blog - that I knew it would really be all about Adin, which is why I have finally changed the title of my blog (Maria helped with the creative name).


  1. He has such beutiful blue eyes!! just gorgeous! Even though you do not have the special picture stuff they look great. i wish i was there. give him xoxoxo's for me


  2. i thought i left a comment on this post??

    i think you did a great job with the photo editing. :) and i agree, i love his bright blue eyes!!