Monday, November 23, 2009

Adin loves Dogs

For those of you who haven't noticed... Adin LOVES dogs! He loves to bark like them, and he loves to play with them. For the most part, he is usually gentle with them (he has his occasional moments, but compared to most one-year old's, I think he does great).

Two week-ends ago, we had the chance to go visit Maria, and she was able to capture some great pictures of Adin with her HUGE golden lab. Adin pretty much thought Otis was a horse, meant to be ridden. Thanks for sending the pics Maria.

LOOK, no hands:

Monday, November 2, 2009

Good-bye Arizona

Although we are of course excited to be here in Washington, leaving all of our friends and family there was really hard! The last week or two was filled with lots of packing and cleaning, and lots of lasts:
Last time babysitting my sweet Brooke:
Last time hanging out with Jill and her kiddos:
Last mutual (softball):

All the YW at the end of the game... sorry my flash caught all of the dust that had just been kicked up:
Macey and Sarah:Caitlin after her awesome slide:Megan, Mary, Deanna, and Erika:
Last time seeing Grandad and Tami for a while:
Last dinner with my best friend Jatana: (or as she called it: The Last Supper)Jatana's daughter Alex with Adin:Adin playing with their big dog:I love you all in Arizona, and we really do miss you!!!!