Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Sunnyside beach park in Steilacoom

We recently discovered a cute little park in Steilacoom. As it was Miah's mom's last day visiting, I had to get a few pics.
Adin found a crab, and was kept very busy inspecting (and pulling it apart)
A passenger train went whizzing by (hard to get much of a pic)It was too cold to take pictures of Isabella at the park, so we took some afterwards at home.Isabella's first smile caught on camera
Of course, Miah has to do a little stunt with Isabella too :) As mommy of a cute little girl, I just have to add that this is probably my favorite outfit of hers.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Isabella's Blessing

On Sunday, June 6th, Miah was able to bless Isabella in church. Her beautiful dress was made by a friend of Grammy, and the hat/shoes were provided by grandma Suzy.Thank you to everyone who came (and tried to come)
I just couldn't help taking a picture of Adin wearing Isabella's hat and blanket on the way to church.

Back to Blogging... Our new baby girl

Okay, so it has been half a year since I posted anything, and a lot has changed. We now live in University Place, WA. I broke my leg. And we have a beautiful little baby girl, Isabella.
Although everyone knows, I want to record the story of how eventful Isabella's birth was. Isabella was due May 10th, and as my due-date approached, I was getting extremely anxious! I went to church on Mother's Day (the 9th) hoping that it would be my last time going with my preggo belly. As I was walking out of church, talking and laughing with Mom and friends that were around, I barely missed the handicap ramp that I was headed towards, and fell on my leg. I managed to break my right Tibia and Fibula (both bones in the lower leg). They called the ambulance and took me to St Joseph's hospital. They admitted me that evening and at quarter to 3 in the morning, I started labor. By about 6:30, I was 7 cm dilated and so they rushed me up to the labor and delivery floor. I was barely able to get the epidural in time... thankfully. This slowed down labor so that they were able to set my leg in a cast before it was time to push. Isabella Louise was born at 12:11pm, 19"long and weighing 9lbs.
A week and a half later, they admitted me back into the hospital, but this time for surgery. They decided that due to the angle of the break and the faster recovery options, it would be most beneficial to insert a rod down my leg and then to secure it with four screws. It took a few days to recover in the hospital, and then we returned to the Crozier's for it to heal more fully.