Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Scavenger Hunt

I told Miah that I wanted to do Valentine's this year, so I planned a little scavenger hunt. Here were his clues:

He had to go to our grocery store, Bashas.

Then he had to drive all the way to his brother, Philip's in Mesa.
Miah took Adin to one of the YW's home in our ward, for Adin to have his first babysitter. (hoo-ray for that!!!!!)
Miah then had to return home, where he had some nice clothes laid out on the bed for him to change into.
Finally, Miah had to go up to the front apartment office, to pick up his last clue, which was a hand-drawn map cut up as a puzzle.
Once put together, it led him to me waiting for him in a park with a picnic of Rotisssori chicken, baguette with cheeese, and chocolate covered strawberries.
Which by the way, this was my first time ever making chocolate covered strawberries. They were really fun to make. This was a picture of some that were left-over today (I think they looked a little better yesterday). I hope you all had a fabulous Valentine's Day too!!!


  1. What a cute idea, Katrina! It sounds like you guys had fun. Ninz

  2. How fun, you are so clever!! What a wonderful way to spend valentines day, and how exciting to have a babysitter for the first time.

    Miah is sure a lucky guy!!