Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas 2010

This year we spent Christmas with the Croziers. Unfortunately, I didn't have my camera... so I do not have any pictures. Oh well. We did have a WONDERFUL time!
Thankfully, we saved one present for each person to open at home, so I do have a few pics :)

Isabella and Adin

Adin helping Daddy open his gift

Adin opening his gift was a tool bench!

This was Isabella's first Christmas

Isabella's big gift (which Adin loves just as much)

I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas too!!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Starting TWIN quilts

My Sis-in-law, Rachel, is pregnant with twins: a boy and a girl... so I wanted to do something special for them. I have offered to make quilts and bumper-pads for them using the adorable "Urban Circus" print, that I have been dying to use (I have been helping Kerri with her fabric shop).

So far, I have only done most of the cutting

and a little bit of sewing and ironing on the blue quilt... lots of work to do still

For the Blue quilt, I am using the "snowball" design. For the pink quilt, I am using a triangle
I will hopefully be able to post more pictures soon... it is difficult to find time to sew, since the babies won't sleep through the sound of the sewing machine... ugh. I will figure it out though :)
design quilt.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Perfect day for a Pumpkin Patch

Today, Melissa invited us to go with Abby's preschool to the Pumpkin Patch at Maris Farms. We had a GREAT time! We pet lots of animals, and fed the goats.We went on a Hayride, and of course picked pumpkins (I couldn't get Adin to take a picture with his "big punkin" at the farm, so we took it this evening at home)At the end, we played in the "corn room" and took a ride on the Cow Train - which I think was everyone's favorite (Sorry Meliss, I didn't get a pic of your girls... I am pretty sure Ninz got a pic of them)Afterwards we went to DQ for lunch. I had to take a pic of Lillie with Isabella, even though Isabella wasn't cooperating... Lillie was so proud of holding her, and I had to get a pic with her adorable little shirt that I made for her.I had such an enjoyable time with family at such a fun location!! Now it truly feels like fall :)

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Labor-day Weekend

Naturally, we all love it when Miah gets an extra day to spend with us!! Miah decided to take Adin on his dream day-trip. First we went to check out Daddy's work

Going for a ride on the forklift

Then Miah took Adin for a ride on Phil's motorcycle (his boss)

Adin ALWAYS points out that they wear a helmet on the motorcycle... so he was
thrilled to get to put one on

Then Miah took Adin to the truck stop to check out the semi-trucks (sorry I didn't get any pics of that), and then he drove us out to the pier to see the ships!

Adin LOVED the big rope tethering the ship to the shore

Overall, it was just a great day spent together as a family!!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

First Family Campout

This weekend we took our family on our first campout to Ensign Ranch! We had a blast! Adin was so excited to sleep in a tent.Adin loved seeing, petting, and feeding the horses Adin even pretended to drive the hay-wagon Miah with the Kids Mommy and Isabella Adin went frolicking in a field of Daisies
... and even brought some back for Mommy :) There is so much to do at Ensign, we canoed (sorry, we didn't get any pics) and Adin played on the swingset... I like this picture - it makes me dizzy! Adin even got to drive around the camp... what a great driver!Adin loved the wide open spacesMostly, it was just wonderful to get away from the crummy Seattle weather, and enjoy some quality time together as a family!!!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Sunnyside beach park in Steilacoom

We recently discovered a cute little park in Steilacoom. As it was Miah's mom's last day visiting, I had to get a few pics.
Adin found a crab, and was kept very busy inspecting (and pulling it apart)
A passenger train went whizzing by (hard to get much of a pic)It was too cold to take pictures of Isabella at the park, so we took some afterwards at home.Isabella's first smile caught on camera
Of course, Miah has to do a little stunt with Isabella too :) As mommy of a cute little girl, I just have to add that this is probably my favorite outfit of hers.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Isabella's Blessing

On Sunday, June 6th, Miah was able to bless Isabella in church. Her beautiful dress was made by a friend of Grammy, and the hat/shoes were provided by grandma Suzy.Thank you to everyone who came (and tried to come)
I just couldn't help taking a picture of Adin wearing Isabella's hat and blanket on the way to church.