Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Feeling Sick

Yesterday I was feeling not-so-well. Mostly, I think I was just plain exhausted. Miah got terribly sick last week, and so I spent a few days babying him, until Thursday afternoon, when I had to go to a family in our ward to babysit/house-sit (they won a trip to Hawaii!!!). Miah stayed home, so he wouldn't spread whatever he had (the doc wasn't sure what he had, but gave him antibiotics anyways). At Three in the morning, their son came into my bedroom, because he was having a terrible Asthma attack. I got out of bed to administer a breathing treatment. By morning, he was still wheezing, so I kept him home from school, and by afternoon decided to take him to the doctor. Low and behold, he had contracted Pneumonia!!! (Good thing his mom was prepared, and left me insurance info and money... money intended for us to have fun with- the doctor is fun, right?!?!?). Poor kid, I had to fill FOUR prescriptions for him! If that wasn't enough excitement for me, on Sunday, Adin started having diarrhea - the blow out the diaper, change the clothes, and give him another bath, again, diarrhea! He is barely getting over that today! And of course, on Monday, I came home to a HUGE pile of dirty laundry, and gross sheets (who wants to sleep in the sheets of someone who was sweating terribly with a high fever?!?!), and a house that just smelled of sick. So I spent most of the day doing laundry, cleaning, and doing more laundry! Yesterday, I finally cracked. I was so exhausted, I felt congested, dizzy, and mostly, tired! I decided to do NOTHING! Of course, I am a mom, and I can't just call in sick, but every chance I had, I was laying down- either sleeping, or watching movies. Miah went to the store to get me some chicken-noodle soup in the evening, and I was pleasantly surprised to find a vase of beautiful tulips next to my bed! (Which I have no idea how he got in there without my seeing, I was sitting on the couch when he came in, and he only made one trip... I must have been more out of it than I realized!) I have never received flowers when I was sick/down, and I realized how much they really lift the spirits! So I want to publicly thank my wonderful husband for his loving and thoughtful gesture!!! I truly feel a lot better today. Support and love go a long ways!!!
This morning, Adin is finally feeling a lot better. I set him in his high chair to eat some cheerios (his new FAVORITE thing!!!). I went over into the living room to check something on the computer, and once his cheerios were gone, I noticed him playing peek-a-boo with me, so I had to capture a shot... it was so cute! (Just so you know, the entire box of cereal is not on his tray, even though it looks like it in this pic!)


  1. oh, wow!! that sounds like a pretty miserable week!! that was so thoughtful of miah to bring you flowers, and i'm so glad everyone is feeling much better.

    we love you!!

  2. What a nice guy! Adin, he looks like he has character :) Ninz