Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Adin's First Meal

Yesterday was an exciting day for Adin... we decided to finally give him his first solid food (which by the way, isn't really very solid... more like milk with a little rice cereal added)! Even though I had just fed him, he was eager to try something "new", and couldn't seem to get enough!!! As you are looking at the pictures, no we do not have a high chair yet, he is sitting in his swing (I think we are going today to see what we can find).

Before I fed him, I washed the bowls and spoons- he picked out his favorite!
First Bite
Notice how he is leaning in for more
...I just couldn't feed him fast enough
Needless to say... I think he likes it
He even tried to feed himself!!!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! (lots of pics)

We had a wonderful Christmas with Mom and Dad! We got here Saturday evening (a little later than planned, due to a missed exit that took us on a detour through San Francisco!) But we made it and have had a lot of fun talking, playing games, and lots of shopping! And of course sharing Christmas together.

Adin sticking out his tongue at Grandma Suzy
Adin with Grandpa Ken

CHRISTMAS DAY (Adin's 1st Christmas!!!)
Baby Adin Santa with Auntie Ria Adin with his stocking that I made for him (not totally finished with it, but done enough to fill it) Adin's gift to Benny, wrapped up in painting tape... hehe Uncle Ben gave Adin a cute sock monkey, and his first match-box car and Ben is wearing the beanie I made for him. Mom wearing the scarf I crocheted for her
Miah gave me a giant Apple box, filled with tree bows (left over from trimming the Christmas tree), a brick, and my "Mexico blanket". I thought there must be a small gift hidden inside... but that was it. Thanks Miah, you are soooo thoughtful!!! Okay- so Miah brought out my real present after the fun of watching me open a box with essentially nothing in it... he got me the Kitchen Aid I have been wanting- I can't wait for the possibilities it holds (Miah just got it so I would make him more yummy food, like bread and cookies, etc, etc!) Miah playing with some wind-up toys that were on Adin's gifts. We had a wonderful Christmas, and hope that you all did too!!! We love you all!!!!!!
PS. I chose purple as the color for my font, because Caleb told me that it is a common Christmas color ;)

Thursday, December 18, 2008

My Early Christmas gift

I have searched for a long time for Dining room curtains that I liked. Over the summer, my poor dining room was adorned with blankets (blinds just don't keep out enough heat here in Arizona!). When I finally found ones that I liked at IKEA, we didn't have the money- those darn new babies... just take all your money : ) I received a little birthday money in Sept, and so I went to IKEA to get them, b
ut my luck, they were out. So I kept checking online, every week, but still not in stock. They finally got them in stock around the beginning of November, but wouldn't you know my luck, we didn't have any extra money to be buying curtains. (Such a sad tale, I know!!!) Well, Miah finally sent me yesterday to go get the curtains I have been wanting for half a year now ("Merry Christmas!" he said), and I am so pleased with the way my dining room looks now- I love it!closer up
Beanie Project
One of the young men in our ward wanted to make hats for the Phoenix Children's hospital for his eagle project. They asked him to make 300, so he enlisted the help of the ward! I picked up some girly yarn, and started crocheting away (I was in the mood for something other than blue). Since I have been gone most of the month though, I have only been able to make a couple, but I am so glad that I have been able to help out a little bit!

Seattle Trip
Unfortunately, I don't have many pictures to share of our trip, but Adin and I just got back a couple of days ago from Seattle. (Adin was pretty uncooperative for photos, so even the ones I have aren't so great) It has been a long three years since I have been there. I have not only missed the beautiful green landscape and the constant nearness to the ocean, but mostly I missed family. The first co
uple of days we were there, Adin and I stayed with the Croziers (might as well be family!!). Adin absolutely LOVED their dogs, Charlie and Chet. I was able to get a pic of him with one of the dogs, but Adin stopped laughing andsmiling when I caught it, in fact he almost looks mad! Then we went over to Paul and Kerri's for a few days. It was so much fun spending time with them. It felt to me like old times when I used to live with them. Kerri sewed like crazy for Maria's wedding- I tried to help as much as I could with cutting and stuff. Kerri did an amazing job on the bridesmaid sashes, Savannah's flower girl jacket, and the baby boys' "ties". We also got to go shopping for dresses for Maya and Savannah- we found the perfect dresses, and I think they looked absolutely beautiful! I think Adin enjoyed his cousins as well.

Savannah holding Adin- he started crying the second I got the camera out... lil' stinker!
After the wedding, I went over to Pete and Tasha's. It was so nice and relaxing, since all the wedding stuff was finished. Poor kids, had to listen to Adin scream and cry the ENTIRE car ride home from the rehearsal dinner (about 45 min or an hour... I don't know, it felt like forever to me!!!). The boys still loved Adin, and I think he really enjoyed them too. It is amazing to me how much all the boys have grown up, it was so fun to spend time with them. Of course, they were all hoping that my plane would get snowed in, and that I would have to spend more time with them!

Taylor and Austin with Adin
Right before I left, the boys came in from the snow for a picWe miss all of you up there!!!!!! Thanks for letting us come and spend time with you!

Our BIG news!!!
I know that I mentioned this when we were up in Seattle, but it looks like it is going to become a reality... we are going to move back!!!! We are shooting for this Summer, October at the very latest. I missed family so much, and Miah really wants to get his Masters at UW, so it looks like it is really going to happen. I am so excited!!! After getting to spend a little time with you all, I knew that I couldn't wait so long to see family again. I am terrible at keeping up communication... being close just seems the easiest way. So I hope you guys weren't kidding when you said you wished you could see me more often!! I love you all!!!!!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Utah Trip

Last Wednesday, we received a call from Miah's mom. She was in the hospital with heart problems. We wanted so bad to come up to support her, but money was definitely a hindrance. Well, Miah is fortunate enough to work for a wonderful company, with extremely compasionate owners, and well, his boss bought both of us tickets to fly up to Utah for her. I am so thankful for their generosity and kindness!!! Once we arrived, we found out that she definitely needed to have open-heart surgery. The surgeon felt she could wait it out through the Thanksgiving weekend, so we were able to spend some quality time with her before the surgery.

Because of the short notice, none of us were prepared for Thanksgiving. We were just planning on grilling some Salmon that she had on hand, but when her home-teacher came over in the morning to assist Miah in giving a blessing, he insisted that his family bring some food over for us. We were able to enjoy a delicious traditional Thanksgiving dinner... pumpkin pie and all!!! Despite the terrible circumstances of us being there, we had SOOOOO much to be thankful for! Since she was under strict orders to take it easy on her body, I went and picked up a 1000-piece puzzle. It was pretty difficult- took us two days to complete, but it was a lot of fun!

Saturday night, we wanted to go up to Temple Square to see the temple lights. Miah called ahead and found out they did have wheelchairs that we could rent, so we could all go. There were so many people there, it was almost too hard to enjoy, but it was still fun and beautiful! We have a few pics, but they did not turn out very well. We really need a new digital camera, but that will have a wait a little while. Here are some of the pictures anyways.

Adin, Grammy, and Katrina in front of Floating manger

Grammy, Miah, and Adin

Adin and Me

Our family in front of the Joseph Smith Memorial tree.

Grammy, Katrina, and Adin

Me and Adin

We spent most of Monday at the hospital, running around doing all the pre-surgery junk they make you do... like answer the same questions 4,000 times, fill out the same paperwork for 20 different people, etc, etc! We had to be in the hospital at 6am on Tues morning. We were all up until about 12:30 that night, and then when Barbara couldn't sleep, then Miah stayed up with her until about 2:30. So, we were all pretty tired the day of the surgery. They actually started the surgery around 7:30am, and they were done around 12:30. It was a long time in the waiting room, but thankfully, the surgery went well. She is doing so well now, that the doctor said she might be able to come home today! (That is excellent, since the hospital stay for this surgery is usually at least 4-7 days!)

We had to leave on Wednesday, but were able to meet her other daughter, Rachel, at the airport. Then, I had to turn around and repack to head to Washington... which is where I am now! Adin and I are a little tired from traveling (he is quickly becoming a professional traveler!), but are SUPER excited to be here. We will be sure to update the blog with pics of Adin with his Aunts and Uncles and cousins... I am so excited for him to meet them!