Monday, February 16, 2009

Tummy Time

Adin has been spending a lot of time on the floor, rolling around, and wanting desperately to be able to be more mobile. Just yesterday, he actually got up on all fours for the first time... so I know crawling isn't too far off!!! (I don't know how ready I really am for that!!!) I love how proud he looks here!

And don't you just love this goofy face?!?!?

PS Just FYI- I now have a link on the side to a website called "Sugardoodle"- it is a FABULOUS lds help website. I learned about it for my new calling as MiaMaid Advisor (yay!). It has links to ideas for all types of callings and has FHE and general family ideas too. I definitely recommend it to anyone who has to teach anything! Check it out!


  1. Are you sure this kid is related to Miah? Way too cute to have any link to him!!! :) He is too adorable. If you think it hard to watch them crawl away from you, just wait until they walk away from you. It is bittersweet. It breaks my heart each time.

  2. What a cutie! One moment they are there, the next they are gone! It is always exciting to see little ones become mobile.

  3. those are such cute pictures!! how fun that he is about ready to crawl. once they become mobile, life changes quickly!! the world of exploring. :)