Thursday, December 18, 2008

My Early Christmas gift

I have searched for a long time for Dining room curtains that I liked. Over the summer, my poor dining room was adorned with blankets (blinds just don't keep out enough heat here in Arizona!). When I finally found ones that I liked at IKEA, we didn't have the money- those darn new babies... just take all your money : ) I received a little birthday money in Sept, and so I went to IKEA to get them, b
ut my luck, they were out. So I kept checking online, every week, but still not in stock. They finally got them in stock around the beginning of November, but wouldn't you know my luck, we didn't have any extra money to be buying curtains. (Such a sad tale, I know!!!) Well, Miah finally sent me yesterday to go get the curtains I have been wanting for half a year now ("Merry Christmas!" he said), and I am so pleased with the way my dining room looks now- I love it!closer up
Beanie Project
One of the young men in our ward wanted to make hats for the Phoenix Children's hospital for his eagle project. They asked him to make 300, so he enlisted the help of the ward! I picked up some girly yarn, and started crocheting away (I was in the mood for something other than blue). Since I have been gone most of the month though, I have only been able to make a couple, but I am so glad that I have been able to help out a little bit!

Seattle Trip
Unfortunately, I don't have many pictures to share of our trip, but Adin and I just got back a couple of days ago from Seattle. (Adin was pretty uncooperative for photos, so even the ones I have aren't so great) It has been a long three years since I have been there. I have not only missed the beautiful green landscape and the constant nearness to the ocean, but mostly I missed family. The first co
uple of days we were there, Adin and I stayed with the Croziers (might as well be family!!). Adin absolutely LOVED their dogs, Charlie and Chet. I was able to get a pic of him with one of the dogs, but Adin stopped laughing andsmiling when I caught it, in fact he almost looks mad! Then we went over to Paul and Kerri's for a few days. It was so much fun spending time with them. It felt to me like old times when I used to live with them. Kerri sewed like crazy for Maria's wedding- I tried to help as much as I could with cutting and stuff. Kerri did an amazing job on the bridesmaid sashes, Savannah's flower girl jacket, and the baby boys' "ties". We also got to go shopping for dresses for Maya and Savannah- we found the perfect dresses, and I think they looked absolutely beautiful! I think Adin enjoyed his cousins as well.

Savannah holding Adin- he started crying the second I got the camera out... lil' stinker!
After the wedding, I went over to Pete and Tasha's. It was so nice and relaxing, since all the wedding stuff was finished. Poor kids, had to listen to Adin scream and cry the ENTIRE car ride home from the rehearsal dinner (about 45 min or an hour... I don't know, it felt like forever to me!!!). The boys still loved Adin, and I think he really enjoyed them too. It is amazing to me how much all the boys have grown up, it was so fun to spend time with them. Of course, they were all hoping that my plane would get snowed in, and that I would have to spend more time with them!

Taylor and Austin with Adin
Right before I left, the boys came in from the snow for a picWe miss all of you up there!!!!!! Thanks for letting us come and spend time with you!

Our BIG news!!!
I know that I mentioned this when we were up in Seattle, but it looks like it is going to become a reality... we are going to move back!!!! We are shooting for this Summer, October at the very latest. I missed family so much, and Miah really wants to get his Masters at UW, so it looks like it is really going to happen. I am so excited!!! After getting to spend a little time with you all, I knew that I couldn't wait so long to see family again. I am terrible at keeping up communication... being close just seems the easiest way. So I hope you guys weren't kidding when you said you wished you could see me more often!! I love you all!!!!!


  1. I'm actually starting to cry!!! That is the best news we could hear from you!!! We will all be awaiting summer to come very quickly. Now we will all probably be fighting over trying to get you to live closest to us!! :) Hee! Hee! Although, anywhere in the Seattle area is definately closer than what we have now! :)

    Oh, I love your curtians!! You have wonderful taste. Give Adin a hug and kiss for us!

  2. I forgot to mention how cute your beanies are! That is so neat that your helping out one of the scouts in your ward!

  3. Katrina! I'm so excited! It will be tons of fun to have your family close to us. Maybe we can master the soap making technique one of these days. ;)

    Your curtains are so stylish and I am glad you were able to finally get them! I adore the hats you have made for the scout project, you are so talented and giving.