Thursday, December 25, 2008

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! (lots of pics)

We had a wonderful Christmas with Mom and Dad! We got here Saturday evening (a little later than planned, due to a missed exit that took us on a detour through San Francisco!) But we made it and have had a lot of fun talking, playing games, and lots of shopping! And of course sharing Christmas together.

Adin sticking out his tongue at Grandma Suzy
Adin with Grandpa Ken

CHRISTMAS DAY (Adin's 1st Christmas!!!)
Baby Adin Santa with Auntie Ria Adin with his stocking that I made for him (not totally finished with it, but done enough to fill it) Adin's gift to Benny, wrapped up in painting tape... hehe Uncle Ben gave Adin a cute sock monkey, and his first match-box car and Ben is wearing the beanie I made for him. Mom wearing the scarf I crocheted for her
Miah gave me a giant Apple box, filled with tree bows (left over from trimming the Christmas tree), a brick, and my "Mexico blanket". I thought there must be a small gift hidden inside... but that was it. Thanks Miah, you are soooo thoughtful!!! Okay- so Miah brought out my real present after the fun of watching me open a box with essentially nothing in it... he got me the Kitchen Aid I have been wanting- I can't wait for the possibilities it holds (Miah just got it so I would make him more yummy food, like bread and cookies, etc, etc!) Miah playing with some wind-up toys that were on Adin's gifts. We had a wonderful Christmas, and hope that you all did too!!! We love you all!!!!!!
PS. I chose purple as the color for my font, because Caleb told me that it is a common Christmas color ;)


  1. What a fun time your having!! I love the stocking, hat and scarf you made! That is so cool you got a kitchen aid! That might need to be on my list for next year since I've enjoyed baking so much this year. :)

    Hopefully we'll get to spend Christmas with you guys next year! :) Enjoy the rest of your stay! Love ya!

  2. I think the PURPLE font was a very wise choice...I mean, being the common Christmas color and all.

    I love Miah's trick he played....what a funny guy. I want your mixer! That's been on my list for like 14 years! I still get spoiled though so I can't complain. But maybe I should start. Hmmm?

    I love all the knitting you are doing! You are so good...Ben has been wearing his hat all day since he got here so I know he likes it.

    Adin looks so cute in his Santa outfit! My boys think he is just the Isaac wants me to stop eating so the baby doesn't come out because he wants a boy baby instead. I think that is Adin's fault. Oh dear.

    Merry Christmas! :)