Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Adin's First Meal

Yesterday was an exciting day for Adin... we decided to finally give him his first solid food (which by the way, isn't really very solid... more like milk with a little rice cereal added)! Even though I had just fed him, he was eager to try something "new", and couldn't seem to get enough!!! As you are looking at the pictures, no we do not have a high chair yet, he is sitting in his swing (I think we are going today to see what we can find).

Before I fed him, I washed the bowls and spoons- he picked out his favorite!
First Bite
Notice how he is leaning in for more
...I just couldn't feed him fast enough
Needless to say... I think he likes it
He even tried to feed himself!!!


  1. how fun!!! What cute pictures of him enjoying his first foods and that is so great that he has taken to it so quickly!

  2. those are the best eating pictures! they tell a little story! very cute. :)