Friday, April 3, 2009

My projects

Earlier this week, chicken breasts were on a really good sale, so I bought a few packages, and decided to can them. I have done this once before, and it is surprisingly easy. I just boiled the chicken in my new giant stock pot, and then I skinned and pulled the chicken off the bone. Stuffed it in the sterilized jars, and filled them with water (last time I used broth instead of water). Then I took them over to my sister-in-laws, and used her pressure canner to seal on the lids. I have used the chicken to make Tortilla soup, Enchiladas, Stir-fry, chimichangas, and pretty much anything else that chicken is good in. It makes life a lot easier... not to mention I am trying to follow the prophets counsel to build up my food storage.

WHAT's for Dinner??? Adin Stew!!! Yum Yum!

New Crocheting project
I decided to try something a little new and different - I made a Lion! It took me a little while, but it really wasn't too hard! I had a lot of fun making it, and I think Adin really likes it too!!!


  1. CUUUUTE LION!!!!!! You are amazing!! And all your chicken-y goodness...You rock! :)

  2. oh, i love the lion!! and how cute that adin matches!!!

    how resourceful to can chicken, and i love the picture of adin in the stock pot!! so cute. :)

  3. You know what is funny... is that I did not plan the matching part- it just happened!

  4. ok, I have to admit, the chicken thing looks scary in a jar but it's a great idea to make things quick :) Very cute lion! Adin in the stock pot is hilarious! Ninz