Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Surprise Easter

Miah's sister, Leah (who lives in Georgia), has been up with her four children visiting their mom in Utah. We really wanted to see her and the children, and of course his mom as well, so we decided to drive up and surprise them. We have been planning the trip for some time now, but it became more and more difficult to keep a secret as his mom kept pestering us, and begging us to come visit. So anyways, last Thursday afternoon, I picked Miah up from work with the car packed, and we made the nice long drive up. We arrived there at 2 in the morning, that is, 3 am their time. What a time for a surprise visit!!!!! No one, thankfully, was clubbed in the head with a baseball bat, or shot at, and after the realization set in, Leah and Mom were so excited to see us!!! Philip and Jill and their kids drove up the next day to see everyone as well. Unfortunately the trip was brief, as Miah had to get back to work on Tuesday morning.
Adin absolutely loved playing with his cousins - We tried to get at least one to come home with us, as he absolutely adored the attention, but no luck there.
The "boys" fixing something on Grammy's tub
All the Grandkids before church
Grammy, Miah, and Adin
My HANDSOME boys!!!!
Adin was taking a nap during the actual egghunt, but he had a little one of his own :)
The Easter Feast
Adin's Easter Feast (don't worry- I fed him more than bread... I have plenty of witnesses)
Miriah's Olive fingers
The day before Easter, we all went to Temple Square, and toured the conference center, walked by the temple, and watched the Restoration Video at the Joseph Smith memorial building.

Adin's experienceNathan at the foot of the First Vision statue
Sativa feeding Adin
All of us on the roof of the Conference Center
I hope that everyone had a fabulous Easter as well! I love you all!!!!


  1. Sounds like a wonderful Easter, and fun trip!! Adin looked so cute in his easter vest!! WE sure miss you guys!!

    Thanks for stopping by my quilting blog, and of course always coming to our family blog and leaving such nice comments! I always appreciate them! :)

    Love ya!!

  2. Wow! I am jealous you went to Utah and toured Temple Square. I haven't ever been there since the new Conference Center has been built. I want to go someday with the fam. Plus, it still seems a little like home to me in Utah. Although I don't think I would ever want to move back. Glad you guys had a great Easter and I love how you wore matching colors with Miah and Adin. Very cute! Love ya!