Wednesday, March 25, 2009

An Army of One

Adin apparently wants to join the Army! He has really been perfecting the "Army Crawl" lately! The other day, he decided he wanted the laptop chords that he saw dangling on the other side of our coffee table.
He got a little stuck for a little bit,
but figured his way through eventually.And of course, as mean as we are, we took the chords away from him as soon as he got there... terrible I know ; )


  1. what a cutie....i also love his pants! ;)

  2. Jacob was our little guy that did the army crawl. Isn't it so funny to watch. :) Adin really is so cute!! We really miss you guys, and can't wait to see you in June!!

  3. He is adorable and getting so big!!! It makes me sad to know he is growing, and Im so far away! Anyways, Adin, your are the cutest baby! Look at those big blue eyes!!! Adorable!!!! Anyways, I dont really need to say what you already know! But yes, cutest little guy, and your outfit is awesome! Lov ya!
    Auntie Ria