Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Our BIG move!!

Some move across town, or to a neighboring city. Some move all the way across the country. But our move was the biggest... we moved TWO buildings away!!!! We have been living in a 1 bedroom apartment, which worked great for us. But with a new addition to the family, we quickly began to outgrow our humble home. We went to the leasing office to see what was available in two months when our lease was up, and they offered us a great deal on a 2bed, 2bath apartment if we would move in two weeks! They waived the $230 early-transfer fee, and they gave us a detached garage for free (usually $65/mo).
So we quickly packed up our apartment, a
nd this weekend we made the big move. I told Miah that I would check with someone in the ward for a wagon, so I could start moving some little things, like clothes and food, while he was at work on Friday. But he told me not to worry about it, he could bring one from work. Let me tell you, this was no little wagon! It's as big as a bath tub (only thankfully, not as heavy)! I tried to take a couple of pictures of Adin helping me, but they didn't turn out so great. I am posting them anyways though- just because it was so cute. It was especially funny on the ride back, when it was empty, and he was laying on his back, kicking his little feet as though he were pedaling a bike!
Especially bad lighting on this next picture, but it was cute how he was holding onto the clothes, as if to keep them from falling off!
It is so nice to have the extra space! Right now our new apartment is still pretty messy, but it is slowly coming together. I don't want to post my full address online, but for those of you who have my old one (on Queen Creek Rd), the apartment number is simply #1077, instead of #1052.


  1. How nice to have an extra bedroom and bathroom! It is amazing how much stuff you aquire when you have little ones. I think Adin look so cute in the wagon! It looks like he was quite the little helper. :)

  2. What a chunk!!! Kind of reminds me of some other Parry babies that I know!!!! Congrats on the move. If you are thinking that you have a lot of junk now.... just wait it gets worse, ecspecially when you live with a Parry.HAHA Give Adin hugs and kisses for me since I will probably won't see him until he is old enough to be embarassed by such PDA's. Love ya, Camille

  3. Hey Trina! Thanks for your nice comment. Tasha told me about the mosaics website to create the collages. It is: http://bighugelabs.com/flickr/mosaic.php

    For my photo editing I use Corel Paintshop Pro 9. It came with our camera. I think Tasha uses Photoshop. It amazes me how much you can do with editing- coloring, lightening, brightening etc... to your pictures. It is kind of addicting though! :)

    Also, when taking pictures what I've been told by a few people and read- that the lighting is probably the most important. When I take them of Ashton and Xander in the house I try to get them right under some natural light through a window with them facing the window or patio doors. I try not to use the flash but sometimes it just isn't light enough even with the windows shades open. You know how Seattle is. :) I was told if your outside when its bright to put their back to the sun and use your flash, its called fill flash....it gets rid of the harsh shadows during the day but can be hard to learn sometimes- and I'm still working on that...if its early morning or late evening just make sure he is facing the sun.

    Hope that all made sense. Sorry for such a long comment! :)