Wednesday, October 8, 2008


It is so much fun for me to watch Miah with Adin. He is such a wonderful father. It is thoroughly enjoying to watch their relationship grow. I have been able to catch a few precious moments together, and a few that are just fun!

Feeding Adin his first, and only bottle so far, in the hospital.
Daddy reading to Adin
Giving Adin his first bath.
Trying to interest Adin in his floor playmat.
Napping togetherDaddy took Adin for his first swim.
If you ever need a reliable sitter, just give me a call! Note the leg keeping Adin on the couch.
Miah is teaching Adin to be a little stunt-devil

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  1. Miah looks like such a good Daddy! I know the kids really miss their fun uncle Miah! Those are really cute pictures. I love the stunt ones! Super cute!