Monday, May 4, 2009

mmmm.... blackberries!!!!!

My favorite everything is BLACKBERRY!!! Blackberry shakes (especially from Burger Express), blackberry jam, blackberry cobbler, blackberry pie....

But I have a very hard time bringing myself to buy blackberries, since growing up in Washington, where they grow like weeds, we used to go out and pick them for simply the price of purple-stained, scratched fingers. I finally broke down and bought a flat, when I got a good deal through the produce co-op I participate in. Ohhhhh, they are as good as I always remember...

Today I made jam: As easy as

And had to top the day off with some cobbler... as fabulous as I recall it being... YUMMY!!!!


  1. OH my gosh!!! I WANT SOME OF THAT!!!

    ...and that is too funny about the pampers box!

  2. I am drooling now!! I can't wait to be able to go blackberry picking this year!!

  3. I may be real sick right now but that looks really good!!