Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

We had a fabulous weekend- Drove to San Diego.
This was Adin's first time in the ocean- here is a little video we took the first day of him discovering the edge of the waves with his toes:

Adin riding on Daddy's shoulders
We were a little disappointed when we arrived at La Jolla beach, our usual beach of choice. It was packed, and due to recent lawsuits, they were only allowing swimmers and boogie-boarders in a small little section of the ocean. So Miah looked online, and discovered a beach just on the other side a jutting cliff from La Jolla. Of coarse the only way to it, is to hike down the cliff (they have a very steep trail) So we put Adin in the stroller. Here is a picture as we just started down the trail and got the first view of the ocean: And here is a view from the bottom! The next day, Adin lead the way, venturing deeper into the ocean. He just wanted to keep walking.That little silhouette is Miah holding Adin's hands. I just wanted to capture how far out he went. I took this before I joined them to take more pics, so he actually walked farther. It was about as far out as the next break, that he finally thought it was too deep(which you can see at the very end of the video clip)Here's the video:

Adin and Me I though his little smile was so cute in this picture, you can really tell how much he is enjoying himselfAdin tried a little boogie-boarding, but he didn't really know what to think of it.
After walking in the ocean, he was willing to sit and play in it a little
On Monday morning, we checked out of the hotel and went to the Temple, to walk on the grounds. Adin walking the grounds
The San Diego temple is one of my favorites so far.
I hope that all of you had a fun and relaxing long weekend as well!


  1. Looks like you guys had a lot of fun out there! I'm totally jealous! And as usual, Adin looked adorable!

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  3. Katrina! It's Michelle (Davis) Sheldon!! How in the world are you!!?! You look amazing and you have a very handsome hubby and son! Congrats! He is too cute! We have a blog too, Let me know how you've been!!! It's so good to find you on here!