Saturday, November 1, 2008

Adin's First Halloween

Adin dressed as a Bandito! Ariba! Ariba!
To celebrate Halloween, we went to Miah's sister, Shawna, in Glendale, for her ward's Trunk-or-treat. In order to get there on time, Adin and I met Miah at his work, which was fun, because his coworkers were able to see him all dressed up (which, mostly being Mexicans, they LOVED it!).

Adin with his cousin Jonathon.

Shawna gave him a baby-sized pumpkin bucket!!

Adin even helped me pass out candy!

And Adin did a little Trunk-or-treating!

All Done!!!


  1. He looks so adorable!!! I love his costume. and what a cute idea. :) He looks so cute in the picture of him holding the little pumpkin. It looks like you had a wonderful Halloween!

    Love ya, and give Adin kisses for us!

  2. He is such a cutie! LOVE his eyes! Thanks for a fun night! It was nice to have family there to hang out with for a change!