Thursday, September 25, 2008

Adin is 2 months

Today is Adin's 2-month birthday- I can hardly believe that much time has already gone by! I took him to the doctor today for his check up and for shots (poor little man!). Thankfully though, the FDA approved a new combination shot, that includes the dTp and two other vaccines together, so instead of having to get 4 shots, he only had to get two. I still hate having to put him through that, even though I know it is for the best.
The visit o
nly confirmed how HUGE he is!! He is now in the 97th percentile for weight and height (he was in the 75th when he was born)! He is 25inches long and weighs a whopping 14lbs and 11oz!!!! I am just amazed at this little, I mean big guy. I have been pretty amazed at his growth, he has been wearing his 3-6 month clothes for almost two weeks now, although there are a few of his "smaller" clothes that he can still fit in. I tell him all the time that I am okay with him being a baby, and that it is okay with me if he slows down a little, but he doesn't seem to listen. We joke that he will be walking next week, because sometimes I swear that is what he is trying for.
We took him in to get his pictures done at Sears- they turned out
soooo cute. And yes, although I scheduled the pictures for the time of day he is always awake, he decided to fall asleep on the way there (which by the way, Adin usually never falls asleep in the car- usually he screams the entire car ride). It was a little hard to get him awake and smiling, but once we did, the photographer was able to get some great shots. I can't wait for them to actually come in! If you want to take a look, just click on this link, even though it doesn't show some of the collages we ordered:
Here are a few pictures that I took this last week of Adin:

The following two pictures are from yesterday- he is wearing the robot outfit that Aunt Kerri made for him... you can see that he has really filled it out!! Eve
rywhere he has worn the booties, people compliment them, and when I brag that my sis-in-law made them, they are even more amazed!!
(Just look at that gut!!!!!)

Aren't the booties too cute?!?!

Here is Adin in his adorable bathrobe after we went swimming on Tuesday.
Miah always puts the clean diaper on Adin's head while he is changing out the dirty one. This time he decided to latch it on like a bonnet. Poor Adin...this is what we call a blackmail pic. hehe.


  1. What a cutie, and I think he looks adorable in his little robot onesie and booties! He really has such a sweet smile already!!!!

    That last picture is just too funny!!! Definately a keeper for later on down the road! :)

    Hopefully I'll get Ashton's 2 month pictures up today I took this week. The kids don't have school today so we'll see. :) And, the kids loved talking to you and Miah the other day!

  2. the sears pictures are darling! what a cutie! sounds like he grows fast like all my boys got me curious so i went and checked their baby books and sure enough, they were all right around the same as Adin! Do you have a baby book for Adin? I am so glad I have kept records and written things down about all my babies. Much more with Caleb than Austin, but at least I have some of all of them. They are so fun for the kids to read too. I encourage you to get one if you don't have one started. :)
    p.s. thanks for the words of encouragement about ultrasound accuracy! :) i am still crossing my fingers!