Monday, October 19, 2009

Long time no Blog!

Hi everyone... I know it has been a while for me. We have been pretty busy the last little while, but I haven't really had the camera out much. I am not going to fill you in on all the details... the only important thing here is that I'll be arriving in Washington in ONE week!!!!! I still have quite a bit of packing to do, but I at least want to blog about the baby shower I threw for my friend, Jatana, on Saturday. It is the first shower I have ever thrown, and since she is having a girl, I kind of went crazy :)
Here is the name banner I made for her daughter's nursery:
And the outfits I got for her:
This isn't the greatest picutre, but here are the booties I crocheted:
The spread:
Our guest of honor with a beautiful blanket that a resident at our complex made for her:
I was unprepared... forgot to charge the batteries for my camera, so unfortunately, that is all the pictures I was able to get. Thankfully, you can get the idea. I am going to miss my dear friend, but am thankful that I will finally be closer to my family.

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