Monday, June 29, 2009

Finished... FINALLY

Remember that sneak peak... from like a year ago??? (Here's a reminder)
Well, right after that little peak, we moved and I misplaced the squares I had made, which really bummed me. Then I finally decided a couple of months ago to just start over (and don't you know they showed up!) But then I needed more yarn, so I went back to Walmart, where I had originally purchased the red and white, and go figure, they didn't carry it anymore! I checked JoAnns and Michaels... no luck. That means I had to order it online (which wouldn't be so bad if they didn't charge a million dollars for shipping). So I pouted about that for a while, until I finally decided I just really wanted to finish this adorable little blanket. I sucked it up, and ordered the yarn... and now it is FINALLY FINISHED!!!!! Hoo-ray!!!!!!!
And a close up of the monkey and the edging detail
Thank you to all of you who are an inspiration... I love looking at all the amazing creations you come up with! You truly inspire me to try to be more creative, and to be proud of the work I do! Thanks!!

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  1. The sock monkeys are sooos cute!! I love it!! You did a great job!! I really hope someday I will take the time to learn such a great craft.